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Below are some comments from previous guests:

Overall experience: Great and enriching experience. Especially enjoyed the field service in Haitian Creole. The Thompson’s and Josh made sure we were able to get around. These busy brothers and sisters took time with us and graciously extended themselves for our stay.
Experiences: We have pictures of the householders who were so spiritually hungry and listened to our presentations with genuine interest. We will never forget our experience in the field and at the blue lagoons!
(Name withheld)

Overall experience: Overall, our experience was as expected, GREAT. The location and accommodations were perfect for our needs, both ministry and leisure.
Experiences: Me Go Punta Cana Hostel is a great way to spy out the land, live like a local and expand your ministry all at the same time! If at all possible try working out with the English, Spanish and Creole groups. Its exciting to see the ministry done in various ways. Tenga Bon Dia, N a We, Until Next Time!
Name: Janelle & Sheena

Overall experience: I would describe my overall experience as a pleasant balance between security of knowing you are surrounded by fellow witnesses who show their love for Jehovah and the independence of exploring the island. Ideal especially for people coming to a different country for the first time. I’m very appreciative all of you were kindly communicative!
Experiences: Pioneer’s paradise! To sum up the stay at the Me Go Punta Cana hostel. I was able to have pleasant, quality Bible conversations with people from early morning to evening. An entire family of 4 came to the meeting after only the first visit! Another young woman who couldn’t read, was blind in one eye, and was extremely timid about venturing far from where she lived, came to the meeting. After seeing the video about how Jehovah helped the little Israelite girl talk to Naaman, this young woman boldly told us not to walk her back home because Jehovah will help her like He helped the little Israelite girl. There were so many more blessings like this in the field service.
Name: Tamara from Ocala, Florida