Frequently Asked Questions:

When you say for Jehovah’s Witnesses only, what if my mate is not a Witness?

  • Of course you are welcome to come together. We assume that your mate is as well-behaved as you are. However, there is no smoking inside – ANYWHERE! Not in the bathroom, not in the bedroom, not anywhere. On the patio by the pool is no problem. Whether all parties are Witnesses or not, the one signing is responsible for any damages or problems.

Are children allowed?

  • We would love to have you bring your children – 12 years and older. No exceptions. And even if your child is a tween or older, if they have behavioral problems, please do not apply. We have to think of the welfare of others who share this area with us. Sorry.

Are pets allowed?

  • No.

Can we hold a party at the hostel during our stay?

  • No.

Does the price include kitchen privileges?

  • No. But you are welcome to make arrangements with the housekeeper for meals. She is not always available to cook for you, but on days when she can, she will be delighted to make you up a meal. Prices are on our price list. Otherwise, you can buy deli sandwiches or quick-heat items at the local grocery store and keep them in your bar fridge that is supplied with the room. Quick-heat soups, etc., can be heated in the microwave just outside your room.

Does the price include linens, including beach towels?

  • Yes. We have fine linens for your room and beach towels for the beach. Please DO NOT take room linens of any kind outside the unit.

What should we bring with us?

  • Other experienced need-greaters have left us the following list that may help you: insect repellent; sun block; hat; umbrella; sunglasses; hand sanitizer; small package of Kleenex for book-bag; aloe vera; black walnut herb or grapefruit seed extract (for stomach issues); sandals for use in the apartment. It is good to keep in mind that shorts are worn here, but not very short when in public. Also, a comfortable pair of walking shoes is a good idea for preaching and a book-bag that is easily carried around. Some like to use a messenger style book-bag. Then there is the obvious: your bathing suit for the pool and the beach.

How can we get to the meetings?

  • We attend meetings in Haitian Creole. If we are not transporting any students, we usually have 2 places in our car. We appreciate a contribution of $3 each way for the ride. If there is no room in the car, or if you are attending other language congregations, then you will need to take the bus or a taxi. The bus is about $1.25. Taxi prices are on our prices page.

When and where are the meetings held?

  • The closest Kingdom Hall is at the Verón main intersection on the same street as Expreso Bávaro. Meeting times are as follows: English and ASL – Tuesday at 7:30 PM and Saturday at 4:00 PM; Spanish – Wednesday at 7:30 PM and Saturday at 7:00 PM; Russian – Monday at 7:30 PM and Saturday at 10:00 AM; Haitian Creole – Thursday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 6:30 PM. (See http://www.jw.org/apps/E_PBrTFnNsR?l=b3739ebf2bbbdc24a63dd4a9f3911279)

Are there arrangements for field service nearby?

  • Not nearby. You are welcome to join us in Haitian Creole and in Spanish. If you want to preach in English, we will put you in contact with the English congregation where you can make your own arrangements.

Does the room include a television?

  • No. We don’t have cable and there are no TV’s anywhere on the premises. We do supply a USB DVD player in each room that you can hook up to your laptop or tablet, if you have one. We also have an extensive library of DVD’s from sitcoms (1960’s and 1970’s), mysteries of various kinds, and quite a few movies. You are welcome to watch any of these. Please be careful. DVD’s are expensive.

Are there stairs?

  • Yes. Our unit is situated on the second floor. No elevator. If you cannot navigate stairs you will not be able to stay with us. Sorry.

Do you organize excursions?

  • Yes. You will find a list of excursions on the Excursions page. If your stay will be short we suggest that you book these before arriving as space may be limited. If for some reason you cannot go on your excursion, fees are refundable on most. Please see the individual excursions for details.

Will you be able to tour us around?

  • We are both pioneers, as is our housekeeper. Our ministry and spiritual schedule comes first. Although we are happy to give a brief orientation when you arrive, we expect our guests to be independent and self-sufficient. (1 Timothy 6:6)

Will you be able to give us pointers on living and serving in the DR?

  • As mentioned above, our time is limited. But we will be happy to inform you of the needs both locally and nationally, as time allows and according to our limited perspective. If you write to the DR branch before arriving, they will be more than happy to supply you with all of this information, and much more than we can give you. The best way of doing this is to write a letter detailing your desire to serve here and your circumstances, sign it, and then give it to your service committee. They will need to add their comments and sign the letter anyway. (See KM 5/99, page 8, paragraph 7.) They can forward it to our branch by sending it to the service desk of your local branch and asking them to forward it on. Be sure to include your e-mail address in your letter.

Can we pay you once we arrive?

  • For certain services you can pay once you arrive. Payments can be made in Dominican pesos or US dollars. For the room reservation, you must pay at time of booking. Otherwise your time slot will be assigned to someone else. You can pay via e-cheque or via PayPal. Please see the Prices Page or Reservations Page for more details.

Roughly how much money I will need to bring, if I want to eat out every day?

  • You are welcome to buy some food at the nearby grocery store (about 25% cheaper than Europe or North America) that you can heat in the microwave.Restaurant meals near the hostel vary from $8 to $30 – depending on your taste and where you eat.

Do you supply soap and shampoo?

  • We try to make our home as fragrance-free as possible. We will supply you with low-fragrance shampoo and rinse, as well as body wash. You may want to bring your own body scrubber (crinoline), but there will be one supplied, if necessary. Please do not bring deodorant or other products with strong perfumes (or even moderate perfumes).

Do I need to bring a mosquito net?

  • We have screens throughout the unit, so this shouldn’t be necessary. But there are other times when wandering outside where you might want to use a bug repellent. We ask that you refrain from using repellents inside the hostel.

What kind of deodorant can I bring?

  • That depends on your personal preference. All that we ask is that it be fragrance-free. Please see the Awake! magazine, 2000 8/8, pages 8-10.

Is it possible for me to get a pay as you go SIM card or 1 month only contract during my stay?

  • Yes. Different companies offer differing pre-paid services.

Does Google Maps work there?

  • Yes. You will need to have a GPS phone or other GPS device in order to take advantage of it. You will also need to activate a data plan on your phone.

Should I bring travelers’ cheques or cash?

  • Any money you bring should be in US$ Traveler’s Cheques or cash. Cashing travelers’ cheques is becoming more difficult as they are nearly obsolete these days. If you bring cash, be careful and make sure that it is in US funds or Euros. Anything else will not get you a very good exchange rate.
    Most people today simply use their debit card at one of the numerous ATMs in the area.

How can I access my money once I arrive?

  • Most banks here offer automated tellers (bank machines). You can withdraw your funds directly using your debit or credit card. If you use your bank card, it will charge you about $6.50 per transaction and give you the exchange rate of the day, which is usually not as good as the rate you can get through the exchange houses. You cannot withdraw funds here in any other currency than Dominican pesos. You should be able to withdraw at least $250 worth of pesos per transaction.

Important information for your arrival!

  • On the airplane you will be given a slip of paper (a.k.a. Tourist Card) asking for your name and other particulars. It will also ask for your address during your stay. The address is: Terrazas del Mar, 1-203, Puntacana Village, Higüey. Phone number: 809 309-3517 (don’t remember if they ask for that, but just in case). Do not loose that paper! You will need $10US cash for your tourist card, unless your airline already covered that for you. Some do, some don’t. When you leave the country there may also be a departure fee of $20US cash – again, it depends on the airline and the length of your stay (see note below).

How long can I stay on the tourist card?

  • The tourist card mentioned above is valid for one year from your date of entry. (Source: http://www.domrep.org/visa.html and http://www.dgii.gov.do/tarjetaTuristica/en/about/Paginas/default.aspx I also suggest that you check out the first Web page if you are traveling from a country outside of Europe and North America. You may find that your country does not have a travel treaty with the DR.) If your stay is longer than 30 days, you do not need to purchase another card. But you will need to pay a fine and this fine is in pesos. The rates are published on the Tourist Card page Section B, Codes 025-034. If you are a pioneer or an appointed servant you will not be able to serve in any capacity if you work while only possessing a tourist card or if you do not work but your tourist card expires. Tourist cards expire after one year from your date of arrival. (See w77 3/15 p. 192 Questions From Readers, second-last paragraph – this applies to all appointed servants: elders, ministerial servants and pioneers. If you don’t believe me, check with your branch or CO.) You can purchase new tourists cards on-line, if your visit extends beyond one year. (NB: Tourist Cards are not the same as Tourist Visas. See information on the aforementioned sites.) These rules are new as of 2015 and are subject to change without notice.
    That being said, even holding a valid a Tourist Card will not necessarily qualify you for service privileges. Once you have passed a stay of 30 days, your card takes you into the area where you pay a fine (some call it an exit fee, but it is really a fine) upon leaving. If you choose to stay beyond 30 days, you have several choices. We suggest that you consult an immigration lawyer to consider your options for a stay longer than 30 days. Otherwise you could be considered non-exemplary and therefore lose your service privileges (pioneer, ministerial servant, elder) until you are able to align yourself with Cesar’s laws.
    A brother who came here in 2016 told us that he was able to obtain a missionary visa from the Dominican consulate that is valid for one year. It cost the same as other visas ($125US). Despite calling ourselves Need Greaters, the official designation is Self-Supporting Missionary. Although the missionary visa is not available on the government Web site (at the time of this writing) it may be worth looking into.

What are the rules for emigrating to the Dominican Republic?

  • Like any country, the Dominican Republic updates their rules for immigration to reflect the current needs of the country. The best idea is to check their Web site to find out what the flavour of the day is concerning these rules. You should be able to find them here. You will need to be able to read Spanish. Sorry. There are brothers and sisters here who specialize in immigration laws of the DR. We can put you in contact with some, if you require more information. Most of them get along in English.

Are there any good clinics and dentists in the area?

  • Yes, there are. There is a very good clinic around the corner from us. And they are building a brand new hospital three blocks away. Up the road a ways there is a fine internationally renowned hospital (Hospiten). About 20 minutes from here (by car) there is another hospital (Centro Medico Punta Cana). And there is another new hospital near Cocotal. Both hospitals and the local clinic are full service, with analyses done on the premises or at a nearby lab. As for dentists, Helen and I have used dentists in Cortecito and Friusa and have full confidence in them.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

  • Then please contact us directly at info @ me-go-punta-cana.com with your question. We will be happy to respond – although sometimes it takes a day or two. If your need is urgent, please call us at 809 309-3517.

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