About us

Where does our name comes from? Well, this would be a Pidgin English way of saying I’m going to Punta Cana. Of course, the local language here is Spanish, not Pidgin English, but we decided to borrow from Pidgin Speak to create a totally island atmosphere starting with our name.

Me Go Punta Cana Hostel is the brain child of two devout self-supporting missionaries (need-greaters):

  • Helen Thompson (née Chamlicki) was baptized in 1968 and first began pioneering in 1970. She married William in 1972.
  • William Thompson was baptized in 1972 and first began pioneering in 1973.

Together they have been serving where the need is greater since 1975. Today they work in the Haitian Creole field in the Dominican Republic where they have been serving constantly since 2004. This brings up a few points that you might be wondering about in relation to your stay with us:

  1. As pioneers, our ministry comes first. Although we will be very happy to get to know you a little, we assume that you are not coming here to be baby-sat or toured around by us =D;
  2. We do the weekly Bible reading Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This is done in English. If you are here and care to join us for that, you are more than welcome;
  3. We hold our family worship night every Friday night. We usually do this as a couple as part of our private time together;
  4. We are happy to take you to the meetings with us for a small contribution of $3.00US each way. However, we attend the meetings in Haitian Creole. If you want to attend in English, Russian, Spanish or American Sign Language, you will need to pay a taxi or take the bus. (See our FAQ page for more information.)

Feel free to contact us with your queries and questions. And of course, please add your comments to our Blog! All the best to you all,

William and Helen Thompson, your hosts.


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